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Youth Soccer League Schedules

You guys are a class act and run a great facility. Thanks for providing a quality place, this team has let a bunch of kids who started playing together at 5 years old stay together as a team despite moving on to different outdoor teams and schools. For most of them, its literally their favorite thing.

Eric M.

YOUTH LEAGUES: WINTER 2019 Youth Soccer League registration deadline is THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2018. League games begin the week of Monday, January 21, 2019 (HS league begins the week of Jan 7th). The Winter 2019 session is a 9 week (9 game) session. Game Format: Two 22 minute halves. League is games only - any practices would have to be organized by your team's coach. Please see our Soccer Registration page for registration information and general information about youth soccer leagues

Youth Divisions

Please Remember
  • Schedules are subject to change. Please check your schedule before your game
  • A No Show Fee of $40 will be charged to any team who does not speak directly to an Indoor Goals employee at least 48 hrs prior to your game
  • No unbagged balls allowed off the playing field
  • No headers per OYSA rules for U7, U9, & U11 age groups
  • You MUST present your player card at EVERY game. Temp player cards are $5. Please bring a light and dark jersey to every game
SPRING High School League Schedule

Use google calendar - search for your team name to get a listing of your games. Click for our soccer calendar link     Schedule Changed 4/13 - added 6th team.

Friday 12-Apr 19-Apr 26-Apr 3-May 10-May 17-May 24-May 31-May 7-Jun
7:10 PM 1v2 4v5 4v6 1v6 3v6 1v2 x 2v4 3v6
8:00 PM 3v4 2v6 1v5 2v4 2v5 3v4 x 3v5 2v5
8:50 PM 5v6 1v3 2v3 3v5 1v4 5v6 x 1v6 1v4

Please bring a light and dark jersey to every game.
Teams    1. The Crew     2.  Bubble Crunchers (red)      3.  The Crunchers of Bubbles (white)      4.  Scappoose Indians (orange)      5.  Scappoose Black     6. The Other Guys

There will be a No Show Fee of $40 charged to any team who does not speak directly to an Indoor Goals employee more than 48 hrs in advance of the scheduled game
All players must show a player card before every game. Temp player cards are $5.
Red Card Policy: Any player on your team who receives a RED CARD, will not only be ejected from the game, will serve a minimum of 2-week or 2 game suspension from all divisions, and will be fined $50.