Hockey Policies

It is your responsibility as a player to review all rules and regulations and abide by them when playing here at Indoor Goals. The link to these can be found here.

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Teams are accepted into league on a first come, first served basis with current teams having priority.
Adult League Fee: $289 due, in full, prior to your first scheduled game. $129 for goalies. Effective as of 7-1-22 hockey late fee of $50 will be added to any player who has not paid before they play. This applies to all divisions, and teams including IDC and 35+. There will be no refunds for missed games, including missed games due to injury.
See our 35+ Draft League Page for league information

Effective as of 7/19/22 there will be a No Show Fee of $100 charged to any team who does not speak directly to an Indoor Goals employee more than 48 hours in advance of the scheduled game. The fee must be paid in full before the team takes the floor for their next game.

Adult League Discount Payment Deadline: Adult Players will get a $40 discount on their league fees if paid in full on or before the early bird deadline. The goalie rate is a flat $129.

Adult Multi-League Discount: Play in a second league and get $70 off your second league fee ($219 for your second team)! Take advantage of our early bird discount and save $140 on your total fees for the two leagues. The early bird rate for your first team is $249, and $189 for your second team. The league fee for goalies, playing on a second team is $60. Applies to the Adult Gold, Silver, and Bronze leagues.

All Sessions are 15 games plus at least 1 playoff game. Games are 55 minutes.
Divisions: Gold, Silver, Bronze, and IDC* League
See our 35+ Draft League Page for league information
*IDC League has a 16 game session. The games are game format and are 60 minutes. Contact to sign up for IDC league.

Odd Team Schedule Rule: When a division has an odd number of teams, one team will have to play an extra (16th) game. That team, which is chosen randomly, will not have that 16th game count towards their standings. However, the team that they play will have the game (their 15th) count toward their standings.

Indoor Goals reserves the right to make the necessary changes within league divisions to insure an equal level of ability and competition. Players are rated on a scale of one to ten. A team's rating is the average rating of ALL paid player on the roster, not including goalie. All teams must have an average team rating at or below the division limit. Following are the division limits:
Gold: 8.2 Avg. Player restrictions: Have to be a 6.0 or above to play gold
Silver: 6.39 Avg. Player restrictions: No 9 or 10’s; can have a max of two 7.5+ rated skaters. Have to be rated above a 4.5 to play silver
Bronze Comp: 5.8 Avg. Player restrictions: Have to be rated 6.5 or below
Bronze REC: 5.3 Avg. Player restrictions: Have to be rated 6.3 or below, with a max 2 6.0+ players
35+ Draft League: Player restrictions: Have to be age 35 on first day of the session.
IDC: Non competitive, game format league. No refs and no score kept. Teams chosen at random each week. IDC League has a 16 game session. Contact to sign up for IDC league, or click here for more information.

You must be 16yrs or older to play in Adult Hockey League
All Adult players and goalies who have not played since the Fall 2011 session are required to come to a rating session. Managers can request up to two players be re-rated during a session. The new rating would go into effect the next season. Current player ratings can be found here.

RATE SKATES: Players need to RSVP to Rate Skates are free for players who need to be rated.
Rate Skate Date: Contact us to schedule a time to be rated.

You must be insured to play in leagues. Memberships are valid from September 1st thru August 31st at a cost of $25. Please contact if you need to submit a claim.

There will be a $25 charge for returned checks. There will be no refunds for missed games, including missed games due to injury.

Inline Skates, knee & shin protection, elbow pads, cup & jock (males), pelvic protector (females), HECC approved helmet (full face shield for under 18 yrs), long pants or socks to cover shin guards, hockey gloves & stick, attached colored mouthpiece (under 18 yrs).

Individuals are expected to play under control within the rules of the game, and to the best of their ability, avoid causing injury to themselves and other persons using the facility. Sportsmanship is strictly enforced in all leagues and teams will be suspended from further participation in league play if they receive poor ratings.

Indoor Goals’ management would like to reaffirm that referees appointed to officiate each game have complete authority, and that his/her decisions on points of fact connected with the game are final.

For safety reasons, only players and coaches are allowed in the player boxes during league games. Teams may receive a 2-minute bench penalty for violation of this rule.

2 points for Win, 1 point for an overtime loss (OTL), 0 points for Loss. Games ending regulation time in a tie:
Regular Season & Playoffs: 2 minute sudden death OT (running clock, a penalty will stop the clock) which is played 3v3 skaters; 3 person shootout to follow (if no goal is scored in sudden death OT). The shoot out continues if tied after the 3 shooters and becomes sudden death at that point.
Championship: 5 minute sudden death OT (running clock, a penalty will stop the clock) which is played 3v3 skaters; if no goal is scored, another 5 minute sudden death OT will be played.

Any league divisions ending in a tie at the end of the league season shall be governed by the following tie-breaking system: (1st) most wins (2nd) head-to-head league record against each other; (3rd) most goals (4th) coin toss.

At the end of a 15 week session there will be league playoffs and finals. All teams in the league will be included in the playoffs. The management reserves the right to split the playoffs into upper and lower classifications within a division.

All PIM's a zeroed out for all players when playoffs start. If any player is serving a PIM's suspension, the player is allowed to play in their Playoff game(s) and resume their suspension in their next regularly scheduled league games(s), as long as the player has paid the $50.00 fine prior to going onto the floor for their first Playoff game.

Team rosters must be signed, completed with player ratings and turned in prior to the FIRST league game. Players may be added to the roster at any time during the first 8 weeks of the season, but must comply with our strict roster rules (no exceptions!). There is a roster limit of 10 players. Players may be on only one roster in any given division. Indoor Goals reserves the right to add players to teams who have rosters of 7 players or less.
The roster form must contain, numbers, C's & A's designation. C's & A's are required on the jerseys by the fourth week.. Prior to that, the Captain must check in with the scorekeeper.

Players not on the roster are illegal players. Players who are ranked higher than the division allows are illegal players. Failure to comply will result in forfeiture of all games played with illegal players.

Teams with the minimum number of players to start shall take the floor when signaled to do so by the referee. Failure to comply will result in a two-minute penalty for delay of game. Teams without the minimum number of players required to start will forfeit the match.

A team forfeits a game if the team:
1. does not have the minimum number of properly-equipped players to start at game time;
2. has a non-rostered player;
3. causes a game to be abandoned;
The score of all forfeited games shall be 1-0

The winning team in a forfeit has the following options:
1. Conducting a closed practice session. A referee will not be provided for practices.
2. Sharing players with the other team and scrimmaging.
3. If the forfeiting team has 3 players, the winning team in a forfeit can choose to let the other team pick up a non-roster player that is acceptable to the winning team (must be of the same or lower division), and choose to play the game not as a forfeited game. The other team is only allowed only one non-rostered player, and if a rostered player shows up, the non-rostered player must leave.

There will be a No Show Fee of $100 charged to any team who does not speak directly to an Indoor Goals employee more than 48 hrs in advance of the scheduled game

All rules are in compliance with RHA Rules. RHA Rules

A penalty in overtime will stop the clock.

DELAY OF GAME (puck over glass)
A puck shot out of play (by an area protected by glass) from a defensive player, in their defending zone, will no longer result in an automatic 2-minute minor penalty for Delay of Game. Delay of Game will now be called at the discretion of the official discretion (based on intent).

Face-off locations will take place at one of the nine dot locations and will be based off of the location of the previous play. For example; If a player shoots the puck and it strikes the goal frame and leaves the playing surface, play will be stopped and the ensuing faceoff will be conducted at the low faceoff dot nearest the side the shot was initially taken.  If the puck is tipped or strikes anything on the arena prior to hitting the goal frame, the puck will be dropped at the nearest end zone faceoff spot to the place the puck was last legally played.

The face-off will be conducted at the lower dot in the offending team's defensive zone.

If no team scores during the overtime period, a shootout shall tak place as follows:

  • Only four skaters shall be allowed to shoot for each team.
  • The rules of play will be the same as a penalty shot
  • Teams will alternately take a penalty shot with the visiting team shooting first, until a winner is determined.
  • Each round of the shootout shall consist of four shots and no player may shoot more than once in each round. For each round after the first the order of the players shooting may be changed, but must be the same four players as the first round.
  • After the first round, the winner is determined by sudden death (one shooter per team).
  • No players who has any un-expired penalty time at the end of the game may participate in the shootout.

If a player draws blood with a high stick, the offending player shall be assessed a 5 minute major and a game misconduct. If it has been determined there is NO intent to injure, the offending player will NOT be suspended for the next scheduled game and will NOT be assessed an additional 10 minutes in PIM’s.

Any player who strikes the plexiglass with their hockey stick will receive a 5 minute major penalty.
If the plexiglass is damaged, the player will be responsible for replacement costs.

Any “GAME” Misconduct carries an additional game suspension. This additional game suspension caries no PIM's. If the player goes over the 26 PIM's threshold, this game suspension is in addition to the two game PIM's suspension.

RULE 601 Abusive Conduct
Any player who receives a Misconduct penalty for Abusive conduct (Rule 601) will be suspended for the duration of the night.

RULE 617 High Sticks
(a) The carrying of the stick above the normal height of the shoulders is prohibited. The Referee shall assess a minor or a major penalty to any player who strikes an opponent with a stick so carried.

* All players that reach 26 PIM's are removed from the game and assessed a $50 fine.
* There is an automatic two game suspension @ 26 minutes. This two game suspension is non-negotiable. The penalized player is ineligible to play in the division the PIMs were received until their two game suspension is served. If the player is playing in another division, he may continue to play games in that division.
*If a player goes over the 26 PIM’s threshold two (2) seasons ‘in a row’, the player will be required to serve a three game suspension as well and the paying the $50 fine to resume play.
*Four penalties on one player in one Adult game causes an immediate game ejection (Zero PIMs) as well as a further Game suspension (Zero PIMs).

Five minute penalty. The first offense will result in a $25.00 fine plus a suspension from ALL games in all divisions you play in until you have served a two game suspension in the division in which you received your fighting penalty. A second offense will result in a suspension from ALL games in all divisions you play in until you have served a three game suspension in the division you received your fighting penalty plus a $50.00 fine. A third fighting offense will result in a LIFE BAN FROM Indoor Goals. This is not a seasonal rule. It applies season to season and is accumulative.

An ejected player or coach must leave the facility. Anyone who refuses to leave the premises when directed to do so by the referee or facility manager shall serve an additional suspension as determined by the Disciplinary Board Any player who engages in further misconduct following an ejection shall serve an additional suspension as determined by the Disciplinary Board.

Indoor Goals management reserves the right to terminate an individual's participation at the facility for violation of any Indoor Goals’ policy. Participation may be terminated during a game, at which time the player will be ejected. Any underage person who attempts to purchase or drink alcohol in this facility will be permanently banned from all participation.

A team that leaves the floor in protest will be suspended for one game and will be placed on probation for one year. Any similar action by that team will result in immediate termination of participation. In addition to the probation, the team will be required to submit a $100 "performance bond" before the team is allowed to continue participation in the league.

A game shall be abandoned if members of one or both teams leave the bench to engage in misconduct.

It is the responsibility of each player and the player's manager or coach to be aware of the total status of their own or their player's infractions. Failure to comply may result in further disciplinary measures which may include suspension of the player/coach and forfeiture of games played in. (This also includes the use of illegal players - those not registered properly on the team roster).