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Indoor Goals' Last Day of Business is October 10th

Join Us for One Last Shindig at Indoor Goals!

It is with mixed emotions that we announce the closing of Indoor Goals Roller Hockey Arena, but before we bid farewell, we're throwing an unforgettable last event!  Join us for a night of roller hockey, camaraderie, and memories that will last a lifetime.

Date: Tuesday, October 10th
Time: 4:45pm-9:30pm
Location: Indoor Goals Roller Hockey Arena (duh!)
Event Highlights:

  • Bronze Level Skate from 4:45-5:45pm
  • Gold/Silver Level Skate from 5:45-6:45 pm
  • 6:55pm – Enjoy watching the Gold Division Championship Game!
  • 7:50pm – Cheer on the Silver Teams vying for the Silver Division Championship!

Refreshments: Enjoy the nostalgia of $2 tap beers while you share your best hockey stories. All other beers, wine and ciders, $4.00.  Appetizers will be provided by Bandito Taco.
This is a night to celebrate the legacy of Indoor Goals Roller hockey arena, a place that has been a second home to many of us.
Todd & Meg


Week 12 Playoffs/Finals
Saturday 30-Sep 7-Oct
4:35 PM   BCOMP Seed 2 Rotten Tomatoes vs 3 Rain City HC
5:30 PM 6v8 BCOMP Seed 1 Buckaroos vs 4 Exploding Whales
6:25 PM 7v9 BRec Seed 2 Oregon Reign vs 5 Hammerheads
7:20 PM 5v4 BRec Seed 3 Medium Speed Zombies vs 4 Team Green
Sunday 1-Oct 8-Oct
6:25 PM 6v9 BRec Seed 1 Vicious Gents vs (lowest seed)
7:20 PM 1v5 Bronze Comp Final
8:15 PM 3v4 BRec Final
9:10 PM 3v2 Gold Seed 3v4
MONDAY 2-Oct 9-Oct
6:55 PM 12v13 Gold Seed 2 vs 5 Vipers
7:50 PM 11v14 Silver Seed 2v (winner 3v6)
8:45 PM 17v19 Gold Seed 1v (lowest seed)
9:40 PM 10v15 Silver Seed 1v (winner 4v5)
10:35 PM 18v20
Notes: 16
TUESDAY 3-Oct 10-Oct
6:55 PM 18v19 Gold Final
7:50 PM 18v17 Silver Final
8:45 PM 16v20
9:40 PM Silver Seed 3 Clockwork Orange vs 6 At Least We're Handsome
10:35 PM Silver Seed 4 Smoking Guns vs 5 Toe Dragons

Bronze REC:    1. Hammerheads     2. Oregon Reign        3.  Team Green      4.    Medium Speed Zombies     5. Vicious Gents   
Bronze COMP:   6. Rotten Tomatoes      7. Buckaroos      8. Exploding Whales   9.  Rain City HC
Silver:   10. Overrated      11. Wild Clappers       12. Clockwork Orange    13. At Least We're Handsome    14. Smoking Guns    15. Toe Dragons
Gold:   16. Iron Monkeys        17. Usual Suspects     18.  Team Red        19. Evolution         20. Vipers

League Champs