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Game on 6/13, 6/14 are canceled due to high humidity and will be reschedule

Adult League Schedule

Please Remember
Week 1 2 3 4 x 5 6 playoffs/Finals 7 playoffs/Finals playoffs/Finals
Sunday 9-May 16-May 23-May 6-Jun 13-Jun 20-Jun 27-Jun 4-Jul 11-Jul 18-Jul 25-Jul
6:00 PM  5v6  2v4  1v6  2v6 x  1v2  2v4 OFF  4v6 Bronze seed 4 vs seed 5 Bronze Seed 1 vs Winner (4v5)
7:00 PM  1v2  1v5  4v5  1v4 x  5v6  1v5 OFF  2v5 Bronze seed 3 vs seed 6 Bronze Seed 2 vs Winner (3v6)
8:00 PM  3v4  3v6  2v3  3v5 x  3v4  3v6 OFF  1v3 x x
MONDAY 10-May 17-May 24-May 7-Jun 14-Jun 21-Jun 28-Jun 5-Jul 12-Jul 19-Jul 26-Jul
7:00 PM  9v10  7v9  8v9  7v8 x  8v9  9v10 OFF  7v9 Silver Seed 2v3 Gold Final
8:00 PM  7v8  10v8  7v10 13v11 x  7v10 13v11 OFF 11v12 Silver Seed 1v4 Silver Final
9:00 PM x 11v12 12v13 13v12 x 12v11 13v12 OFF 11v13 Gold Seed 2v3 Bronze Final
10:00 PM   11v13 12v11  9v10 x 12v13  7v8 OFF  10v8 x x

Bronze: 1. Black Knights       2. Buckaroos      3. Vicious Gents      4. Green Koopa       5. Hammerheads       6.  Rain City HC
Silver:   7. Smoking Guns       8. Toe Dragons    9. Ducks      10. Wild Clappers      
Gold:   11. Blue         12. Green       13. White

Gold Rosters:
Michael Gillette (Manager) 503-547-4283
Chris Howard
Colin Bourgeois
Chase Hayton
Brian Thompsen
Joe Muller
Kyle Zyniewicz (G)

Ben Dunner (manager) 503-290-8770
Erik Fountaine
Daniel Westling
Mark Hilzenrath
Patrick Berchtold
Bryan Bruckman
Tyler Hill
David DeZee (G)

Trevor Whitmore (manager) 774-437-1021
Brad Bourgeois
Charles Burdick
Patrick Wu
Matt Wilson
Rob Elam
Gus Sanchez (G)

Adult Hockey League COVID Procedures

Updated COVID protocols: Masks need to be worm for all those not vaccinated and those that have not reached 14 days since their second shot. Please continue to practice social distancing.

League Champs